A start-up mentality with the stability of a global insurer...

Roles at Aegon

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Do you 'get things done' and use your initiative? Are you creative and hands-on? Can you spot an opportunity to use technology to make life easier? These might not be the qualities you associate with the financial industry, but times are changing and so is Aegon.

Working at Aegon

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Join our diverse teams around the world, equipped with the latest technologies, in a relaxed and professional working environment. The reward? Great benefits and the recognition you deserve.

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Internships and graduate programs

Students and recent graduates will find a world of opportunities at Aegon. Whether you take on an internship, join a graduate program or start in a steady position, you can truly take responsibility for your future.

Technical Development Program

Aegon’s Technical Development Program is a structured, six year, hands-on development program for Aegon’s future leaders. High-potential individuals with a quantitative background are invited to apply.

The people who ARE Aegon

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We're doing a lot of great innovative things, all of the time, that help raise the bar.
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Within our management team, there is clearly a culture of open communication and people are really valued for their expertise.
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Our employees appreciate the opportunity they have to bring new ideas, and make things happen.
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My favorite thing about Aegon is working in an international organization with people from all over the world.
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The main difference between Aegon and other financial companies, is that Aegon is much more team driven, with team goals.
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The most important lesson I've learned about leadership at Aegon is that it's not just about the people at the top.
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The in-house studio is full of people dedicated to making things happen. It's fantastic to work with these people.