Aegon at 175: Supporting people for the moments that matter

VIDEO: 175 years of supporting people at the moments that matter

As Aegon celebrates its 175th birthday in November 2019, we reflect on how our past, present and future was, is and will be inspired by our purpose of helping people achieve a lifetime of financial security.

What does this mean in practice? Let some of our colleagues show you in this short video.

Aegon's history

Our roots stretch back to 1844 and run in parallel with the long tradition in the Netherlands of mutual insurance to support families during crucial moments in life; such as a loved one's sickness or death. Established by Johannes Schaap Spoelstra and Jacobus Wybes Oosterhoff, Memento Mori is the formal, legal predecessor of Aegon. It started as a burial cooperative and issued its first insurance policy on November 9, 1844.

Some 175 years later, we celebrate the growing community of passionate individuals who have helped grow Memento Mori to a global financial services company.

The world has changed beyond recognition since 1844, and Aegon has also moved with the times. Our range of products has changed and expanded, and are now active in over 20 countries. The fundamental purpose has remained the same. We connect people in the moments that matter, and help them achieve a lifetime of financial security.