Career development

Does anyone know you better than you know yourself? Probably not. That's why we don't provide a 'one solution fits all', but the support you need to discover where your interests and skills lie, and help further your development.

Aegon's new 'Perform and Develop' approach to performance management came into effect across all of our business units. This global approach enables us to better measure and prioritize our employees' development.

The new process, which is hosted on our Workday platform, sees us move away from the manager-led, back-wardlooking structure of biannual reviews, toward a more frequent and forward-looking approach, with ongoing dialogs led by employees. Goal-setting at the start of each year, now focuses on an employee’s ambitions relating to performance and development.

During the year, the new system encourages check-ins with managers, twoway feedback, and discussions about goals as they evolve. End-of-year performance conversations now emphasize an employee’s impact, interests, and long-term career development.

Training and development

Aegon employees – at all levels – are offered a wide range of training and career development programs, including through our Learning Management System. Many of our trainings focus on IT and digital skills. One such example is our Analytics Accelerator program, which consists of online learning modules and virtual training sessions, available at foundational, manager, and expert levels.

Other specialized trainings cover areas including products and sales, new regulations, risk management,  responsible investment, information security, and data privacy. All employees have access to our Global Learning Catalog and are encouraged to use it to help shape their development journey.

In 2020, we spent a total of EUR 11 million on training and development, equivalent to approximately EUR 500 per employee.