Professionals with the skills and ambition to lead, either as a manager or a specialist will find a host of opportunities at Aegon.

In addition to living our values - Working Together, Bringing Clarity and Exceeding Expectations - we have clear behavioral commitments for all employees, including our leadership. These behaviors are defined in the following areas:

  • Drive purpose and customer centricity
  • Define transformational and sustainable strategy
  • Demonstrate accountability
  • Deploy agility
  • Demonstrate acting as one
  • Develop self and others

In addition to technical competence, we expect our leadership to demonstrate these behaviors at a level appropriate to their position. For example, in terms of agile working, employees are expected to challenge the status quo and make things happen. Our leaders are expected to bring in the next generation of knowledge and build on best practices, help their team feel confident about adopting innovative and agile practices and value learning from mistakes.

Developing as a leader

We invest substantially in leadership and management development. Alongside a wide array of local programs, Leadership Development Centers are used to expertly assess leadership qualities and provide constructive feedback to middle managers. This ensures that our managers are aware of their own strengths and development needs. Aspiring managers are supported in converting this feedback into clear development plans, and their development is accelerated by focused support, training and coaching.

Developing as a professional

Aegon offers a wide range of learning opportunities to address specific learning needs. Our Global Learning Catalogue, accessible to all Aegon employees, provides an extensive list of available courses – from negotiating skills to product information. We are constantly expanding our range of e-learning courses.

Developing abroad

We offer a select number of long and short-term international assignments for both business and development purposes. Building international bridges, sharing knowledge and expertise, and working together across borders benefit personal development, Aegon as a company, and ultimately our customers.

Developing together

Our professionals set themselves annual targets that contribute directly to our strategy, goals and values and can count on constructive feedback and suggestions for improvement throughout the year. Feedback and sharing ideas doesn't stop with your immediate colleagues. Our intranet uses advanced social-media functionality to support the sharing of knowledge and expertise between colleagues around the globe.