Actuarial & UnderwritingRoles at Aegon

Actuarial and underwriting expertise is shared across the Aegon Group to facilitate the development of innovative insurance products and hedges. Balancing local and global needs will be a key challenge - ensuring that local needs are met while meeting the overall Group strategy. Where appropriate, we take a risk share in these products through reinsurance.

Innovative hedge solutions

You will be part of a team that has been responsible for a number of innovative solutions:

  • Pricing actuary

The pricing actuary area focuses on methodologies and assumptions to monitor profitability. You will also maintain corporate processes to comply with country-specific regulations. You will be closely involved with the implementation of new products and calculate market-consistent pricing.

  • Reporting Actuary

The Reporting Actuary role is responsible for interpreting and reporting financial risk within Aegon. It will be your responsibility to accurately forecast and evaluate the probability of events and quantify their outcomes using mathematics and statistics.

  • Underwriter

As an Underwriter you will assess mortality and morbidity risk, according to our guidelines, to assure our policyholders are treated fairly and Aegon's financial objectives are met. Working together closely with actuaries, risk, and claims managers, you will strike the right balance to attract and retain customers through competitive insurance premiums.

Types of positions

Reporting Actuary, Actuary Manager, Product Development, Actuary, Actuarial Analyst, Model Validation Manager, Underwriter, Underwriter Pricing Consultant, Underwriting Assistant

With colleagues from more than 20 countries, Group Risk provides opportunities for involvement in global projects.

Sherry Liu, Underwriting Risk Management