Aegon Asset Management

Asset ManagementRoles at Aegon

Aegon Asset Management's 390 investment professionals manage and advise on assets of USD 299 billion for a global client-base of pension plans, public funds, insurance companies, banks, wealth managers, family offices and foundations.

Aegon Asset Management (AAM)

Discover how AAM has embedded responsible investment in its business.

Investment Office

Our investors within Investment Office ensure that the assets are optimally invested within the investment categories we offer. Also known as 'asset classes'. Investors are supported in this by various departments. For example, they ensure that investment risks are covered. And that investment choices are made socially responsible.

Operational Office

In order to be able to invest optimally and to manage it well, it is important that everything is operationally well organized. The colleagues of the Operational Office take care of this. For example, they are responsible for the IT-related systems. And they provide our internal and external clients with relevant investment reports.


Not everyone within Aegon Asset Management is concerned with assets. We also have several departments that play an important role: Legal, Compliance, Sales, Marketing and Communication. After all, it is important that everything we do also complies with the regulations. And that we provide our customers with the right information. In this way we remain an important market player.

Who works at Asset Management?

Colleagues with diverse backgrounds work at Aegon Asset Management and the positions are often filled by people outside the field. This mix of different competencies and insights ensures a dynamic and inspiring working environment. Aegon Asset Management colleagues always look beyond standard solutions. They also try to challenge and inspire each other again and again.

Room for initiative

Aegon Asset Management has existed as an independent organization for less than ten years. Where they previously worked exclusively as an asset manager for Aegon itself, they now serve multiple parties. The advantage of such a young and growing organization is that there are plenty of opportunities for own initiative. By learning from colleagues and following external training courses, we help you with your personal and professional growth. And with your knowledge, the organization makes great strides again. That is also necessary, because we have strong growth ambitions.