Asset ManagementRoles at Aegon

Aegon Asset Management provides a full range of investments solutions. Integrated investment strategies enable clients to manage risk, navigate changing markets, maximize investment opportunities, and achieve financial objectives.

Aegon Asset Management (AAM)

Discover how AAM has embedded responsible investment in its business.

Aegon manages more than EUR 840 billion of assets (March 2017). Our customers fall into three main areas – General account, Insurance linked and Third-party business. Insurance-linked are those with whom we co-sell products through partnership with our insurance groups. Third-party business clients are non-affiliated clients.

General account clients are other Aegon companies throughout the world. Transamerica is the largest of these and is also referred to as affiliated. We have recently partnered with the Transamerica Asset Management Group on a consolidation project for the Transamerica Funds. Several fixed income funds are being taken over by AAM as a sub-advisor, improving investment performance and reducing fund expenses for the shareholders.


Aegon Asset Management also operates under a number of sub-brands around the world. These, such as Kames Capital in the UK, tend to offer investment management in a specialist market. To learn more about Aegon Asset Management's other brands, visit our brand overview.

Asset Management Solutions

Our solutions include institutional advised products (emerging markets, global high yield income, stable value, structured finance), retail sub-advised, model managed, agricultural debt, real estate private equity, direct real estate/asset management, special servicing, tax credit investing, and multi-asset assets on individual and institutional investors.

We provide investment management services for insurance companies, corporate pension and profit-sharing plans, benefit plans and investment companies, pooled investment vehicles, banks, charitable foundations, foreign funds such as Undertakings for Collective Investments in Transferable Securities (UCITS), other international institutions, and other investment advisors.

Capital Management

There are a number of key roles within our Asset Management team. The Capital Management team works with our country units to provide senior management with recommendations for strategic and tactical business plans that further contribute to efficient management of holding company capital and liquidity. You will perform quantitative analysis to make sure we hold efficient levels of operational and financial leverage, to enhance transparency and efficiency of capital usage in Aegon.

Portfolio Manager

Portfolio Managers are responsible for assets primarily in fixed-income, equity, or structured products. Your portfolio may include investment grade credit, high yield, emerging markets, commercial mortgage backed securities, residential mortgage backed securities, distressed assets, equities, derivatives, and/or cash management asset classes.


You will be supported by an analyst, who will make informed buy, hold, and sell recommendations. Analysts may focus on public investment grade, equity, public high yield, leveraged loan, emerging market, sovereign, and/or distressed credit research.

And then there's our real estate investment services. Real Estate professionals are responsible for the acquisition and disposition of equity real estate, asset management, commercial or agricultural lending, energy lending, housing tax credits, and/or servicing/special servicing of loans.

Types of positions

Investment Analyst, Liquidity/Collateral Analyst, Structured Finance Analyst, Derivatives Operations Analyst, Manager, Portfolio Analytics Real Estate Analyst, Agribusiness Analyst, Mortgage Loan Analyst, Mortgage Loan Production Analyst, Director, Commercial Real Estate Portfolio Manager (High Yield, Derivatives, Distressed Debts, Structured Finance, Fixed Income), Trader, Corporate Bond Manager, Private Placement Team Leader.

Responsible Investment Report

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