Human ResourcesRoles at Aegon

When you don’t manufacture a physical product, your people are your competitive advantage. HR works with management to ensure we attract the right talent, and that our employees remain engaged and enabled to perform to the highest level.

Being a high-performing organization starts with recruiting and attracting the right talent, followed by new employee orientation. As a recruiter you will work closely with hiring managers and utilize a wide variety of creative sourcing techniques in order to identify a robust talent pipeline that will support Aegon and meet future workforce needs.

Talent Management

With the right people in place, talent management and development ensures that we make the most of this valuable resource. In this field you will impact Aegon's learning and development culture by providing conceptual design, development, and delivery of competency-based learning events utilizing a variety of learning delivery methods (virtual, instructor-led, digital, and social media platforms) and leading other enterprise-wide talent development initiatives.

Compensation & Benefits

And of course, we need to ensure that the compensation and benefits we offer are suitable throughout a person's career, right through to retirement. This requires strategic planning, development, design, communication, analysis, and oversight of the company's compensation and benefits programs.

Think participation in salary surveys, analysis of related data, pricing of positions, job evaluation, involvement in variable pay plans and executive compensation plans, annual salary planning, benefit plan design, implementation, and administration.

Types of vacancies

Human Resources Business Partner; Human Resources Consultant; Human Resources Manager; compensation Analyst; Payroll Manager; Benefit Plan Analyst; Benefits Coordinator; Supervisor, Employee Benefits; Recruitment Partner; Recruitment Consultant; Talent Acquisition Manager; HR Specialist Talent Development Consultant; Training Specialist; and Director of Talent Development.

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