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Information TechnologyRoles at Aegon

The ever increasing speed of change in technology, creates both opportunities and challenges. Opportunities, include new ways of interacting with our customers, new ways of working which can change the way we need to do business.

Companies who succeed in this disruptive, fast-paced world need to be agile to fend off competition from unexpected competitors, and constantly innovate. Embracing technology is a continuous commitment, and requires companies to attract and retain talented employees.

The challenge lies with implementing the right innovations in a timely and sustainable fashion. Professionals in Aegon Global IT work to achieve this. Our IT professionals are located in many countries across the globe, primarily in the US, the Netherlands, UK, and Hungary.

Global IT Office

The Aegon Global IT Office strives to get the most out of our collective talent and technology capabilities. It advances Aegon's strategy by implementing a global framework to ensure delivery of innovative business solutions in a consistent, flexible and cost efficient manner.

We advance the One Aegon philosophy by promoting collaboration and reuse across all business units. The Global IT Office provides IT design leadership, project management, information security standards, global infrastructure and central procurement for enterprise contracts and service agreements.

Aegon Global Technology

Aegon Global Technology provides infrastructure services, and global/corporate application support for Aegon's businesses around the world.

The Business Unit IT teams directly support the local business through application focused services such as programming, database management, project management, agile/dev/ops and more.

We continue to maximize the value from having a clear digital and data technology platform strategy that extends our ecosystem, as an approach to digitization, enhancing customer experience and improving operational efficiency.

All of these teams work closely together to provide innovative and digital solutions as well as critical technology support. This is essential for enabling Aegon's businesses around the globe to be be innovative, digital and competitive, efficient and effective, and to provide the best solutions and customer experience for our customers and share holders.

Types of vacancies

Programmer/Analyst; Application Engineer; Business Systems Analyst; Web Design Engineer; Infrastructure Architect; Network Administrator or Engineer; Server Engineer; Storage Administrator – Open Systems or Mainframe; Desktop/Helpdesk Analyst; Mainframe Systems Engineer Data Security Analyst; IT Risk & Compliance Analyst; Disaster Recovery Analyst; Information Security Officer; and Infrastructure Security Engineer.

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