Communications & (Digital) MarketingRoles at Aegon

The Communications function helps build a strong, positive reputation for Aegon. We ensure that our strategy and progress are clearly understood by (potential) employees, journalists, shareholders, and customers. We also engage with new and existing customers and deliver our brand promise.

In some of our markets we already have a significant customer base. Our key challenge in those markets is to engage with our customers and deliver our brand promise. We do this by understanding the needs of our customers and informing them about opportunities to improve their financial wellbeing now or in the (late) future.

In our emerging markets Aegon is a relatively small player. We are growing our customer base by designing products and services which appeal to (potential) customers due to their unique added benefits. These are communicated through our brand and below-the-line communication.

Customer Journeys

In all of our markets we take our purpose very seriously: helping people take responsibility for their financial future. The purchase of a (life) insurance product is an important decision for the distant future. However, as we are all too aware, the future can be extremely unpredictable.

Our customers need to be able to adjust their financial planning accordingly. Experience management, customer journey design, advocacy marketing and gamification are key to this.

Marketing Strategy

Working in marketing you will initiate, develop, and deliver Aegon's brand and communications strategy, reaching a range of audiences through advertising, sponsorship, events, public relations, digital, and marketing initiatives. You will think strategically and be future oriented.

Product Development

Product Development also falls under the marketing discipline. In this role you will help to bring new products to market through market research and marketing analysis. To succeed you will build strong relationships with sales, business development, operations, and product management, while remaining strategy and customer-focused.

Communications is typically split into internal communications, external communications and events. Global Corporate communications, based at the Corporate Center, provides communication support and advice to Aegon's businesses in other countries, departments within the corporate center and our Executive Board.

External Communications

External/Media Communications prepare custom communications and manage communication and education campaigns for customers, clients, public agencies, and other stakeholders. In this role you will work with internal subject matter experts to meet external communication needs and write and edit articles.

Internal Communications

As a member of the internal communications team, you will contribute to an integrated, proactive communication approach within the organization. Working closely with a wide variety of departments across Aegon you will develop communications that support Aegon's strategies and key initiatives.


In today's world, our savvy customers research online, source recommendations on social media, get answers to their questions instantly, and buy the right product for them in just a few clicks - online. The financial sector is in the midst of a digital revolution. Can you help accelerate and shape this revolution? A few years ago, we realized that it was time to catch up and more importantly, lead the sector. And that's exactly what Aegon's done. Knab bank and Aegon FIT are just a couple of our recent award-winning digital innovations.

Our businesses around the world are investing heavily in building digital customers services, advisor services and employee services. As well as having digital professionals in our marketing and communications teams, we also have dedicated digital support.

State-of-the-art in-house UX labs

So what can we offer you? With solid financial foundations, Aegon has the resources to test new ideas and access to the latest tools to make them happen. Did we mention that we've already got state-of-the-art UX testing labs in three location around the world? In 2016, we launched our Center of Digital Excellence, a team of experts in their field, who can advise and support our country units on digital matters, including marketing and analytics.

We're totally committed to becoming the best financial company in the digital world, so that means you'll get the support you need from senior management to make your dreams become a reality. In January 2016, we announced our strategy update, including a commitment to spend an additional EUR 50 million on our digital transformation.

In a digital role you will contribute to creating, producing, and editing engaging and targeted content such as blogs, infographic content, promotional and advertising messaging, social media posts, email messages, and multimedia scripts to expand our company's digital footprint.

Start-up mentality

You will be supported by digital UX designers, SEO/ SEM experts and analysts to ensure that customers receive the best experience possible, and that messaging is as engaging as possible, ultimately leading to sales conversion. In short, we can offer you the agility and dynamic atmosphere of a start-up, with the resources and stability of an established global player.

Types of vacancies

Digital Content Writer; User Interface Designer; Social Media Manager; Optimization Analyst; Digital Marketing Specialist; Data Analytics; New Digital Business; Digital Strategist; Branding Officer; Marketing Manager; Customer Analytics; Product Analyst;  Product Strategist; Internal Communications Specialist, Communications Analyst, Writer/Editor Communications Consultant, Communications Manager, Marketing Communications, Public Relations Advisor Digital Communications Specialist, Multimedia Communications Manager, Digital Experience & Delivery Manager, Digital Content Specialist, Social Media Specialist.