RiskRoles at Aegon

By protecting the value in our existing business, protecting our reputation, and supporting the creation of sustainable value in our commercial efforts, we ensure our continuity as a company.

Risk Management helps Aegon to achieve the correct level of risk while supporting our business strategy. Each Aegon business unit has a risk function responsible for oversight and implementation of the strategy and standards within Aegon via policies and methodology.

On a global level an Enterprise Risk Management framework has been established. Enterprise Risk Management in the Corporate Center not only ensures that we comply with our risk strategy, but is also responsible for setting strategy and standards.

Financial Risk

Working in Financial Risk, you will provide technical financial expertise to a business unit with particular focus on capital, the business balance sheet, and level of financial risk in the business. You will utilize forward looking risk analytics and take the wider environment into account to support the business in managing risk effectively.

Operational Risk

Working in partnership with stakeholders, Operational Risk professionals achieve a balance between insight and process and deliver consistent commercial value to the business in a pragmatic and practical way. Operational Risk professionals partner with and advise the business on a range of risk practices to ensure that Aegon is managing risk well.

Regulatory Risk

As a Regulatory Risk professional, you will provide assurance to Aegon on compliance with regulatory requirements and technical advice on regulatory and political developments. Regulatory Risk professionals help Aegon understand, apply, and embed current regulatory requirements within the business and manage the relationship with regulators and/or government bodies to create positive outcomes for Aegon. Internal and external influencing skills are also key, particularly in those roles where external relationship management is involved.

In all positions, up-to-date knowledge, customer focus, and being in tune with financial technology are crucial to help support the Aegon's strategy.

Types of vacancies

Financial Risk Analyst; Manager, Financial Risk Analysis; Risk Officer Operational Risk Analyst; Manager, Operational Risk Analysis; Risk Officer Regulatory Risk Analyst; Risk Officer; and Manager, Regulatory Risk Analysis.