Martine de Gier

“I want to get to know the international insurance industry better”


In September last year, new colleagues started the Technical Development Program (TDP) and the Financial Development Program (FDP). We speak to Martine de Gier, TDP participant, and ask her how the past few months have gone.

What exactly do you do?

Martine: "At the moment I work as a Pricing Actuary. This means that I develop models for rates for non-life insurance, from cars to household effects. There is a lot of data to analyze, which offers the possibility to build good rate models. many tools available for monitoring, so that you can make adjustments immediately. It is a challenging job and the team works well together. Colleagues have an open and honest look at each other and at the same time they are critical of each other's ideas to get the best out of it."

The next step has not yet been decided, that is challenging.

Martine de Gier: The next step has not yet been decided, that is challenging.
Martine de Gier

What does the TDP and FDP program entail?

"The TDP and FDP program is a six-year program, divided into two parts. The first two years include an introduction to the organization and self-reflection. The participants then move on to TDP Next and FDP Next, the four-year follow-up up programme.The participants change position and business unit every two years.They can even go abroad to get started.Of course, the program is linked to the Aegon strategy, partly because participants work on two strategic projects. Through skills training, mentoring, international opportunities and the extensive network, participants have the opportunity to develop into professionals, both in a managerial position and a specialist role."

What do you like best about the TDP program and why?

"This program offers me the opportunity to develop on a substantive and personal level. My ambition is to grow in, among other things, substantive leadership. The depth of this program fits in well with that. Because there is a rotation every two years, you get a good look at different departments. Within the program you set your own goals with the support of an internal sponsor and an external coach. Because my manager is involved, I am better able to achieve the goals set within my functioning."

What will your next step be?

"The next step has not yet been decided, which is challenging. During the biennial change of positions, you get the opportunity to get an idea of ​​how various departments look at comparable dilemmas from a different perspective. I have already thought about my next step. I find it interesting to get to know the international insurance industry better and to work in an international environment. That is why I aspire to a position at Asset Management and Corporate Center. This gives me more insight into what effects the business units can have on each other."

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