Employee engagementWorking at Aegon

Aegon has carried out an independent global employee survey since 2011. In 2016, around 82% of Aegon's global workforce took part. The trend is positive, and on critical measures we're exceeding industry or high-performing norms.

Results from the survey are communicated to all levels of the company and broken down by individual business unit so that 'action plans' can be put into place. Based on the results of the survey, Aegon's Management Board sets a number of priorities for the entire organization.

The independent survey measures, among other things, employee engagement (the degree of employee commitment to the company) and employee empowerment (the extent to which employees feel able to carry out their work effectively).

In the 2016 survey, we increased Enablement by 1 point and reached 75 points, which exceeds the industry norm as well as the high performing norm by 7 and 4 points respectively. Employee engagement showed a slight decrease to 71 points versus 2015, but remains above the industry norm and up 8 points since the first survey in 2011.

These two measures have been identified as key to our business, and not only do we exceed the performance of our peers, we have also met our objective of reaching or exceeding the high-performing norm in these areas.

Key employee survey results

Over the long-term highly-engaged and enabled employees have proven to have a positive impact on the financial performance of a company, customer satisfaction, helping to attract and retain talent and general employee performance.

Employee Net Promotor Score

Findings from the survey also play a key role in assessing the effectiveness of Aegon's products and services, and in identifying social, health & safety, sustainability or other operational risks. For example, our Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) - the extent to which employees would recommend our products to friends and family - increased by 10 points in 2015.