“We are pioneers in authentication and authorization”

Aegon is the first financial services company whereby customers can log in with iDIN and can view all their products at a glance. Vinay Tewarie and Karel Roes worked on this innovation with the CIAM team and share their experience.

Authentication and authorization

"The CIAM team stands for Customer Identity Access Management. We are responsible for logging in with iDIN on Mijn Aegon (My Aegon). Our team is so professional and well-coordinated, that even people who do not come from the IT world, want to work for us," laughs Vinay Tewarie, DevOps Engineer (BIA). Karel Roes, Senior Executive Identity and Access Management, continues: "In our team, we are working on sustainable digital innovation related to authentication and authorization. To put it simply, we recognize who is standing at our digital door, which is Mijn Aegon. We make sure that users can enter safely and securely, and that they can only access their own things."'

Users no longer want to log in using social media

Customers were previously able to log in through Facebook but, according to Vinay, people didn't find that secure enough. "Ultimately it's all about the customer's perception. They no longer felt safe logging in through social media. Where people used to think it was silly to use two-factor authentication to log into all kinds of different services, over the past few years, their thinking has shifted towards security. Now that you hear more and more stories about hackers and your data being sold, people believe it is important to be able to log in as securely as possible. iDIN meets that need."

Quick and easy

The reason the customer perceives iDIN as secure is because they log in through their bank. The account that you have at the bank has already been verified with your ID and that gives you a sense of trust. And the fact that you can use this method to log into Aegon as well also ensures that you are not overwhelmed with a lot of different usernames and passwords. Therefore, logging in with iDIN is both easier and more secure.

“The biggest challenge during the implementation was procurement.”

Karel Roes, Senior Executive Identity and Access Management


Implementing something like iDIN takes up a lot of time, but with a tightly knit team like the CIAM team, whose members consist of Indians, one Brazilian as well as pragmatic Dutch people, the project was a success. Karel explains: 'We were already using iDIN for onboarding our customers. What I mean by that is that when they register for Mijn Aegon for the first time, iDIN is the tool we use to identify and verify them. We are the pioneers for doing so, just like we are pioneers in giving people the option to view all their products in a single digital environment. Which means you can see your non-life insurance, your mortgage and your pension all in one place."

There are also challenges

'It wasn't really that difficult to take the decision to use iDIN to log into Mijn Aegon," says Karel. "Actually, our biggest challenge during the implementation was procurement, the purchasing process, the contracts that are ultimately set up between Aegon and the iDIN service provider as well as the agreements to be concluded. That takes time and you have to adapt accordingly." "But Karel ensures that we work as a team and that each of us stands strong," Vinay adds. 'Karel always gives you opportunities and lets you discover what you want to learn. That ensures that we not only create wonderful things in our team, but that we can also develop ourselves."

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