Senior Global Regulatory Compliance Specialist

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Full time
Den Haag
Aegon Netherlands

The Group Regulatory Compliance Department is responsible for providing timely, proactive advice and independent oversight of Aegon’s compliance with most regulatory requirements and selected Group corporate policies in both the capacity as a regulated holding company, and as a listed entity. Together with our local Regulatory Compliance teams, we help business leaders fulfil their compliance responsibilities and achieve their business goals. Together with the businesses, we work to reduce compliance risk, to protect Aegon’s reputation, and to help Aegon succeed in its mission.

Position in the organization

The Senior Global Regulatory Compliance Specialist reports to the Global Head of Regulatory Compliance.

Purpose of the job

Providing guidance to country units on Company requirements that impact all Group members to ensure that compliance programs (startup, evolving and mature programs) maintain and continue to improve upon policies and procedures to ensure compliance with Group requirements.  Support local operations in implementing these changes. Further, to have oversight that local programs are in compliance with local obligations and Group policies. And to report to group boards, auditors and supervisors on compliance risks, incidents, monitoring programs.


  • Develop tools to track Compliance incidents/violations identified through examinations, complaints, internal reviews, whistleblower concerns, etc., assigning responsibility to work each item, monitor progress and verify corrective action.
  • Develop a process to communicate/educate on relevant content and work with peers in business units to ensure implementation of compliance requirements; provide support to local teams with regard to implementation.
  • Develop a process to confirm that the organization is in compliance with applicable policies, laws and regulations globally.
  • Develop appropriate procedural modifications and corrective action to address any deficiencies that may be systemic in nature; including development of Group policies, guidelines or programs.
  • Audit/verify that corrective action was put into and remains in place to address any deficiencies.
  • Organize meetings to discuss enforcement activity and regulatory trends in all country units, issues with extraterritorial implications, “best practices,” information on resources and tools of interest to other country units to enhance local programs; foster the development of an effective global community.
  • Build out a central source for guidance on minimum Group requirements for local country unit compliance programs. Contents to be created by Group or Local persons.
  • In coordination with peers, monitor developments at international regulatory level (IAIS, OECD, EIOPA, FATF etc. and other trend-setting regulators e.g. FCA/PRA/SEC/DoJ) to identify trends and assess impact to business.
  • Support global knowledge sharing groups and a framework for identifying and analyzing extraterritorial issues. Liaise with GPA, Strategy, Risk and other parties across Aegon.
  • Together with the Global Head of Regulatory Compliance, prepare reports for EB/MB/SB on trends, developments, and impact to business of regulatory developments; provide assurance as to quality of global programs.

Know-How, skills and experience

  • Seasoned regulatory compliance specialist with minimum of 15 years; extensive international experience in the insurance industry and a broad understanding of insurance and pension products and the legal and regulatory frameworks that govern them
  • Experience managing an operating unit Compliance team in order to better understand the practical challenges associated with local implementation
  • Knowledge of business management, business processes, marketing and culture are preferred
  • Strong skills in gathering, assessing, and disseminating information both to internal and external audiences
  • Ability to negotiate and handle disturbances (conflict management); exercising diplomacy and judgment
  • Ability to represent company interests in public settings, liaise with regulators and peers in other organizations
  • Develop and maintain complex internal and external relationships
  • Knowledge of Risk and Audit frameworks and ability to liaise with these subject matter experts to drive effective and efficient oversight of compliance risk management
  • Strong strategy setting skills around regulatory compliance and the ability to understand the impact of regulatory changes on the business model
  • Very good influencing and persuasion skills
  • Paragon of integrity
  • Willing to take an unpopular decision
  • Adopts a variety of communication styles in order to find the right approach for delivering a message

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